Premium carpet and professional installation you can trust.

How it Works

Select Style Samples

Select Style Samples

Select from our curated selection of top-trending carpet colors and test them out before you buy.

Measure Rooms

Measure Rooms

Provide rooms measurements for your quote. Don't worry, we'll confirm everything before we get to your home.

Order Carpet & Choose Install Date

Order Carpet & Choose Install Date

Choose your colors and select your preferred date for installation.

Professional Installation

Professional Installation

We carefully move your furniture and install your new carpeting, backed by a lifetime warranty.

A carpet for every space.

All of our carpets are highly-rated for use in any room, hallway or staircase, with any number of kids, pets, and whatever else finds its way into your home.

The Happy Collection

40oz Lifeproof® Carpet. Almost twice as plush as the average carpet, it's an excellent value. Your feet will thank you.

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The Ecstatic Collection

60oz Lifeproof® Carpet. Extremely plush, at the top end of the spectrum for luxurious carpeting. You have arrived.

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Save $$$ Buying Online

No overhead from a showroom and sleazy salesmen means you save money. In fact, we guarantee to beat all competitors. Their prices, that is. We’re affordable, not violent. Plus, there are no hidden fees or add-ons. Premium pad, professional installation, furniture moving, and old carpet removal is always included.

Carpets Designed for Real Life

Lifeproof carpets are ready to stand up to whatever you throw at them – literally. Whether you’ve got kids, pets, heavy foot traffic, or a clumsy family member, Lifeproof carpets are stain-resistant, colorfast, and luxuriously soft.

Backed by Lifetime Warranty

Yes, seriously, lifetime. Your warranty covers all normal wear and tear, as well as installation, and is transferrable within 90 days of your myFlooring purchase in case you’re in the process of selling your home.

  • Stain Resistant

  • Lifetime Product & Installation Warranty

  • Family Safe Materials

  • Made in the US

  • Lifetime Softness

  • High Quality & Durable

Why don’t you have 100 different shades of beige?

We get asked this question a lot. Big showrooms have convinced consumers that having thousands of choices is a good thing. We think it’s overwhelming and unnecessary. We’re looking at what millions of consumers commonly purchase and are only providing the top styles. Why?

  • The most popular styles ensure top re-sell value.
  • They go with a variety of furniture and wall colors.
  • They will still look current 10 years from now, even as trends change.

30 day money back guarantee.

We’ll take the carpet up & issue a full refund.

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