3 Common Mistakes Made When Buying Carpet

We get it! Buying carpet and picking an installation company is overwhelming! Unfortunately, we see a lot of mistakes happening when people purchase carpet. Below are three of the most common ones made when buying carpet.
Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Carpet for Your Lifestyle

When choosing carpet for you home, there are several factors you must consider. Do you have kids? Pets? If so, you’ll want to consider getting stain resistant carpet. What is the space used for? Carpet for a family room vs. a spare bedroom have different levels of foot traffic. How quickly do you need your new carpet?  If you’re like the majority of people out there, you’ll want to have some control over when you get your carpet installed. Ask yourself these important questions before you choose a carpet and installation company to ensure that you get the best carpet for your needs!

Mistake #2: Skimping on Pad
Carpet pad might not seem important, and it's certainly not glamorous. However, carpet pad is instrumental in the overall comfort and wear and tear of your carpet. Quality carpet pad absorbs impact evenly and will maintain its integrity for the lifetime of the carpet, protecting your subfloor and providing plushness underfoot.

Mistake #3: Not Using Top-Notch Carpet Installers
We can’t stress this one enough!   Poorly installed carpet not only looks bad, it will need replacing much sooner. It's imperative to hire a professional and trusted installation company. One that will warranty their work and the product. And for your family's safety, make sure the installation company has licensed and badged professionals working for them.