How Much Does New Carpet Cost?

Are you interested in buying new carpet, but have no idea how much it should cost? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of retailers make buying new carpeting quite confusing, and you have to go through a long, multi-step process to find out a price.

Typically, new carpet requires the following steps:

  • Moving of furniture off old carpet
  • Removal and disposal of old carpet and pad
  • Clean-up of the sub-floor
  • Repairing missing or broken tack-strip (tack strip is what holds the carpet down)
  • Installation of new carpet pad
  • Installation of new carpet over the pad
  • Moving of furniture back on new carpet
  • Cleanup

For a lot of retailers, these items are priced separately, and only fully-disclosed after you get pretty far along in the purchasing process (or even afterward!). Hidden fees can be quite frustrating for customers who are just trying to get an honest price for quality new carpeting.

Aside from the steps listed above, there are three other factors that determine how much your new carpet will cost. These are:

  • The fiber of the carpet
  • The thickness of the carpet
  • The quality of the carpet pad

Some carpets are made with inferior carpet fibers that are easy to stain and don’t wear very well. Regarding thickness, some carpets are simply thicker than others. This is often called the "Pile Weight" or "Face Weight." The higher the number, the more "plush" the carpet will be. Customers should select the thickness of their carpet based on their budget.

Lastly, most retailers try to save cost by using carpet pad that contains old recycled pad. Below is a photo of what that looks like. Your pad is what makes your carpet feel soft underfoot, keeps your carpet looking better longer, and if it has a moisture barrier, can keep liquid off of your subfloor.  Don't skimp on pad.

Recycled Pad: recycled carpet pad

Quality Pad:           premium carpet pad


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