How to Measure Square Footage of a Room For New Flooring

Do You Have Square Footage Measurement Anxiety? 

The prospect of new carpeting can be really exciting: choosing a luxurious carpet in the perfect color for your space, visualizing your room’s new look, and imagining how nice it will feel to run your toes across your soft new carpet. 

But the prospect of figuring out how to measure the square footage of a room for your new flooring? Potentially less exciting, and maybe even intimidating. 

There’s some great news, though, for anyone who may feel that taking measurements is something best left to the experts: it’s super simple, and even if you make a mistake, our Worry-Free Measures guarantee takes all the pressure off. 

How to Measure Your Space (In Square Footage) In 3 Easy Steps:

  1. All you need to get started measuring is a tape measure and something to record your measurements.
  2. You’ll need two basic measures to get the square footage of your room: the length and width at the longest points of the room. Sometimes this includes a closet, which means you’ll start at one wall and pull your tape measure all the way into the back wall of the closet. The number you record should be in inches — tape measures have this number so that you don’t have to do any extra math.
  3. Once you have those two numbers, you’re all set to choose your carpet thickness and color. 

Worry-Free Measures Guarantee

How to Measure Square Footage of a Room For New Flooring: Worry Free Measure

Wait — that seemed too easy, right? 

You’re not a professional carpet installer, and you’re still not confident that you got it right. No problem!

Once you submit your order, a team member will reach out to you by phone to verify your measurements and talk you through any of the questions or doubts you may have had.

But what happens if installation day arrives and the installers realize your measurements were off? We’ve got you covered, and we promise that your price isn’t going to change.

Buying your new carpet entirely online has some major perks: no high-pressure salesperson coming into your home and crawling in your closet to get measurements, no wandering around in a sea of carpet samples at a big-box store, and we pass along the savings to you with straightforward pricing that won’t change.

What’s not to love? Go grab your measuring tape and start shopping for your perfect new floors today at