Consider Carpet Installation Before Working with an Interior Designer


Are looking to hire an interior designer to help you achieve the Pinterest worthy home you’ve been dreaming of? Interior designers are great at transforming a space in your home that might be worn and tired, into something that you’re excited to show off to your friends and family, and who knows, maybe inspire other dream homes.

Imagine a room, perfectly designed with all new furniture and decorations. However, new furniture placed in a room with worn and faded carpet will not give you the desired outcome. Now imagine a room with all new carpet–fresh and pristine–with perfectly positioned and curated furniture and accessories. See the difference? Interior design is more than just accessories and furnishings. It starts with the solid base–the floor.

Before you get started with an interior designer, consider a new carpet installation in the rooms you will decorating. New carpet in your home provides the blank “canvas” for a home’s decorations, giving the interior designer a fresh clean slate to work with.  

Installing new carpet first will save you money. Carpet prices can cost more when ordering through a designer, not to mention the carpet installation cost increases when you have to work with a “middle man”.  And who has time to go through hundreds of types of carpet samples? Skip the hassle of searching for carpet companies and shop at home.  Order carpet online from the comfort of your home.

How to Order Carpet Online

One of the best places to buy carpet is here at Myflooring. We carry the full line of Lifeproof Carpets, known for its extra plush fibers and best stain resistant carpet. Ordering carpet from Myflooring is simple:

  • You start by picking the perfect color form a curated selection of top-trending carpet colors. Next, you input your room measurements so we can get you an accurate quote for new carpet cost and installation.
  • Then, you pick out your desired plushness and order samples.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your selection, you pick the preferred date for installation and done!

Want to see how much it would cost to update the carpet in your home? Check out our Free Carpet Project Quote tool.