Top Residential Carpet Trends

If wood-look floors are all the rage now, does that mean that carpet is dead? Technology has transformed laminate and vinyl into looking like wood, while retaining its stain, water, and scratch resistance properties. Carpet as evolved too. Nowadays there are many types of carpets and carpet tiles made from natural materials, high tech fibers in a whole host of colors  and patterns. Carpeting is making a comeback– thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies it is softer, stylish, eco friendly, and stain-resistant. Here is a good look at the latest carpet trends.


Neutral colors are always an interior design favorite for floor coverings. They are the blank canvas that sets the tone of the space. Neutrals are more than just beige. Greys are the top neutral color for many designers. Greys allow you to decorate with a variety of wood tones and wall and accessory colors. They also work well with any style, whether you prefer modern, traditional, or transitional.  

Flecks and Tonals

If you want to stay the beige course, but want a smidge of color, consider carpet with flecks and tonals. These subtle pops of color in carpet bring visual interest to neutral backgrounds. Flecks of color on neutral carpets adds dimension while it helps mask spots and spills.


Carpet is a great way to introduce texture to your space. Not only does carpet styles come in various patterns and colors, and even bold patterns, they are available in various textures. A combination of texture and pattern minimizes soil and vacuum marks. It also offers more  distinctive styling and fashion appeal.


Wood or engineered flooring will never match the softness or sound absorbing quality of carpet. Quality padding is the ultimate luxurious gift for your feet at the end of the day. They physically and visually soften a space, giving your room a cozy, comfortable feel. 

Easy to Clean and Durability

There’s no point to filling your living room or home with wall to wall carpet if it’s hard to clean. The good news is that easy to clean, stain resistant carpet is on the rise. Gone are the days when you had to only hire professional carpet cleaners. Here at Myflooring, we carry quality Lifeproof carpet in all the trending neutral colors. Lifeproof is stain-resistant with fade blockers to keep it looking like new. And, it cleans easily with mild soap, water or with bleach-based cleansers.

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