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Top Residential Carpet Trends

You’re a fashionista. I mean seriously, you rock a pair of jeans, Maroon 5 t-shirt, and Vans tennis shoes like no one else! If you’re like most people, it’s hard enough staying current in today’s clothing fashion – let alone staying current in today’s carpet fashion. I mean come on, people only purchase carpet once every 10 years, it’s not like you’re updating your Instagram feed every week with your favorite new carpet style.

When searching for a flooring provider it's not important to find one that offers you with an overwhelming number of choices. You only need a provider with a great product that is up-to-date with current trends. 

So what is hot? Neutrals - greys, beiges and "grieges" - allow you to decorate with a variety of wood tones and wall and accessory colors.  They also work well with any style, whether you prefer modern, traditional or transitional.  Specifically, multi-colored carpets called "flecks" and "tonals" are very popular, adding visual interest to your space and hiding dirt nicely between vacuuming. 

Take a look at some of these current trends on under "Products."   Our curated selection only gives you these top trends of top notch carpeting.