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What is the Best Carpet if You Have Pets?

It was your kids’ idea…the puppy, that is. The puppy that has trouble remembering that some activities are best left outside. Despite your best efforts, accidents happen. What is the best carpet for a household with pets?

The answer is quite simple:  Carpets made with solution-dyed fibers, where the color is fully penetrated through the carpet fiber rather than inferior carpets that have fiber that are “coated” with color. 

Why are carpets made with solution-dyed fibers a must when you have pets? Simply put, carpets with solution-dyed fibers hold up to not only normal foot traffic but keeps your carpet looking brand-new even after you've had to clean up a puppy mess for the hundredth time! 

When harsh chemicals or cleaners are used on solution-dyed carpets, the color remains just as vibrant as when it was first installed. Unlike inferior carpets, Lifeproof Carpets are made to withstand pets, children, you're whole family without loosing any of newness from the day it was first installed.