What is the Best Carpet if You Have Pets?

 Contrary to popular belief, you can have beautiful, soft carpet even if you have cats and dogs. Hardwood floors aren’t the only option for pet owners. Gone are the days of pet proofing your carpet with topical stain protection. Nope–carpet technology has evolved. Today, not only does carpet offer luxurious modern style to your home, it also has built in stain resistance and it’s easier to clean. Now you and your pets can live in harmony.

If you have a pet, you are well aware it’s only a matter of time for pet accidents to occur. Instead of stressing over potential pet stains, start with pet friendly carpet. At MyFlooring, we carry Lifeproof carpet.

Pet stain on carpet

Good Choice for Pet Owners 

Lifeproof carpet is soft and with advanced stain resistance built into the fibers so it never wears off. Unlike carpet made with solution-dyed fibers, Lifeproof is made with stain resistance integrated into the carpet fiber, so that stains can not penetrate into the carpet. The stain is repelled and beads up at the top of the fiber, creating a moisture barrier. This means that pet urine, soiled pet hair, and other messes are easy to clean mild soap and water.

Even better, we even offer a warranty! The LifeProof stain and soil warranty protects your carpet investment against permanent stains created by spills, food, foot traffic and other everyday messes. You don’t have to forgo style in lieu of stain resistant carpet. Lifeproof is available in many trending carpet styles. Check out our selection of carpet colors and pads available for online ordering today. We offer quick and easy carpet installation at competitive prices.