Before the Install: Congratulating Our Free Carpet Giveaway Winner!

December 17, 2019 2 min read

Before the Install: Congratulating Our Free Carpet Giveaway Winner!

We recently held a contest on our Facebook and Instagram, and the grand prize was, of carpet! Congrats to contest winner Tracy in California, who is getting ready for her carpet installation.

Free Lifeproof Carpet Giveaway Contest Winner    

We had the opportunity to speak with her about her current flooring and how she’s feeling about her recent win. 

A Pre Install Interview with Our Free Carpet Winner 

MyFlooring: So, Tracy -- tell us about what areas of your home you’re planning to redecorate using your prize from MyFlooring? Tracy: I’m redecorating my stairs and a bedroom.
MyFlooring: What color carpet did you choose and why?
Tracy: I chose Hemlock because I love the mixture of colors it has. I have two dogs, one dark and one light, and the color of the carpet will be perfect at concealing fur between vacuums.

Tan & Brown 3-Color Lifeproof Carpet


MyFlooring: Smart thinking! Tell us about the type of flooring you currently have on your stairs and bedroom. Have you had any issues with your old flooring?

Tracy: My current flooring is old carpet in the bedroom. It is a cheaper carpet that was installed when the house was built, and it shows. My current flooring on the stairs has seen a lot of wear since it is a high-traffic area.


MyFlooring: It’s going to be an amazing transformation! How do you think your new flooring will improve the look and feel of your home?

Tracy: The new flooring is much more inviting and nicer looking. It is a higher quality and very comfortable to walk on.

MyFlooring: So how was your experience ordering carpet online?

Tracy: Ordering online was very easy! I ordered carpet samples, which arrived quickly. The website walked me through the steps of inputting my room size, selecting my carpet color and plushness, and picking an installation date. 

We’re Excited About Tracy’s Flooring Transformation!

Will You Be Our Next Winner?

Stay tuned for the “After” pics of Tracy’s home. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram so you can enter to win our next free carpet giveaway contest (details coming soon!).

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