What is the Best Pet-Proof Carpet?

September 22, 2020 2 min read

What is the best carpet for pets?

Breaking news: you can absolutely have beautiful, soft carpet AND be a pet owner. We know that traditional wisdom might have you believing that hardwoods, laminate, or tile are your only reasonable options, but we have good news – you can break free from that old-school mindset and explore decorating your home with cozy, luxurious, pet-proof carpet with built-in stain protection that you and your cats and dogs will love.

We Only Sell Pet-Friendly Carpet! 

At MyFlooring, we exclusively sell luxury carpets, which have stain resistance integrated into the carpet fiber so that stains have a really tough time finding anywhere to sink in. Pet-created stains are repelled and bead up at the top of the carpeting. Because of this, pet urine, soiled pet hair, and other messes are easy to clean with only mild soap and water, which means you can ditch your expensive arsenal of pet-stain cleaners. 

It Really is the Best Carpet for Pets

We can already hear your objections:But my pet is sneaky and finds hidden spots to make a mess – sometimes I don’t find stains right away!Not to worry, my carpet-loving friends – MyFlooring carpet is here for you. Not only do our carpets come with superior stain-resistant and moisture-repellent powers, but they also come witha thick, premium water-resistant foam pad. We’ve all seen thosemulti-colored recycled foam pads that most folks use. If liquids (especially smelly ones) penetrate the carpet backing, they go straight into the pad, trapping the stain…and the smell. Your sneaky pets and their game of find-the-stain are no match for this combo of stain-resistance.

Worrying that your fur baby will destroy your carpet is an uncomfortable feeling. At MyFlooring, we want you to Get Comfortablewith the idea of simultaneously owning a carpet and pets, which is why we only offer worry-free luxury carpet. Between oureasy online ordering process (including free carpet samples),our instant pricing (with no surprises), and our amazing lifetime stain warranty (seriously, your carpets are going to look beautiful no matter what spills on them), we’re sure that you and your pet will be loving your new flooring! 

Start shopping our color selection and learn more about MyFlooring carpets. 

Pet Friendly Carpet from MyFlooring.com on Vimeo.


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