Comparing the Best Local Flooring Companies to

January 17, 2020 2 min read

Comparing Local Flooring Companies to MyFlooring

On the hunt for new carpeting for your home? Then you’ve likely already done some research into the best local flooring companies. There are a lot of things to consider from cost and product selection to how installation works. You’ve probably also noticed that nailing down a price (not just a quote) is nearly impossible, and the carpet options are vast and overwhelming.Fear not, dear consumer -- we’re here to help.

Flooring is Flooring.... Isn't it? 

First, let’s talk about fruit…you know, apples and oranges. At first glance, most carpets look alike, but an honest comparison is more than just a matter of price per square foot.

Comparing the Best Local Flooring Companies to

Quality (manufacturing process) and plushness (weight) are two key factors that distinguish flimsy builder-grade carpet from luxuriously soft stain-resistant carpeting. 

As you might have guessed, plushness (measured by carpet weight) is pretty simple to compare. Where things start to get mysterious is when you try to figure out what chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, where and how the carpet was made, whether it offers stain-resistance, and what the product warranty provides. 

Let’s get real, though – when you’re investing in flooring for your home, there are some things everyone wants: soft carpeting, a high-quality carpet pad, superior stain resistance, and a rock-solid warranty. So MyFlooring decided to give the people what they want (you’re welcome!)

Comparing the Best Local Flooring Companies to

  • We exclusively sell luxury carpets, manufactured in the USA using only family-safe and pet-safe materials. 
  • Rather than sell the industry-standard chopped foam pad, we only offer a premium moisture-resistant foam pad that makes walking on your new flooring feel amazing! 
  • When you buy from MyFlooring, you can feel comfortable knowing that your investment is backed by a lifetime stain and wear warranty. The warranty is even transferable for the first __ days, which is great news if you’re trying to sell your home.
  • To sweeten the deal, MyFlooring offers instant pricing with no hidden fees – our pricing always includes full-service installation, which means our licensed installers will move your heavy furniture and remove your old flooring. 

As if you needed more convincing, our pricing is competitively low (30% less on average) because we don’t have to cover the expense of running a brick and mortar store or paying commissioned salespeople to come to your home with sample cases and measuring tapes. 

Shopping for new carpet the old way can be uncomfortable…but it doesn’t have to be. Check out our product selection and get instant pricing at MyFlooring. We want you to Get Comfortable with a new way to buy flooring: straightforward affordable prices, premium products, no surprises (except just how incredible your new MyFlooring carpet will look and feel in your home – but don’t take our word for it: we’ll send you a few samples for free). 

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