Features of MyFlooring.com Carpet

July 18, 2019 1 min read

Features of MyFlooring Carpet

While we live in a culture where we are used to buying products online, we are only just now getting accustomed to buying larger-scale products and projects, like cars, boats, and even homes online.  Purchasing new carpeting should be no different. 


We understand that this may seem overwhelming at first - where do you even start with so many carpeting options?  At MyFlooring.com,  we've done the hard part for you - we only sell top-trending colors and styles, with all of the features every customer wants, like stain-resistance and lifetime warranty. 


Plus, all MyFlooring carpets are made in the USA from family-safe materials and is expertly installed by licensed and badged craftsmen.


Additional features of our carpet include:


Quality You Can Feel

  • Extra plush fibers designed to prevent wear and tears
  • Lifetime wear warranty guarantees your carpet holds up to your family's demands

Performance That Lasts

  • Build-in stain and fade blockers keep carpet looking brand-new
  • Cleans easily with mild soap and water or bleach-based cleansers
  • Lifetime stain and soil warranty

Cushioned for Extra Comfort

  • Premium pad included
  • Spring-like memory foam enhances the comfort
  • Moisture barrier pad protects the subfloor and enhances cleanup


Ready to purchase your carpet today? Click here to buy and schedule your installation in a few simple steps.


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