How to Get an Instant Carpeting Installation Quote with our Online Carpet Shopping Tool

September 15, 2020 2 min read

Get an instant carpet installation quote

If you are like most people, you have little or no experience buying new carpet. So when it’s time to start a flooring project, how will you know what it will cost? If you go the old way of buying carpet, you will spend a lot of time working with salespeople and scheduling consults before you get the first carpet installation quote. Fortunately, we can save you the hassle with our Instant Quote Generator!

The Problem with the Traditional Way to Shop Carpet 

Traditional flooring shopping requires a visit to the showroom (or several), where you get inundated with different types of carpet that can run the gamut in quality, durability, and price. This can be an overwhelming and time-consuming experience. It takes a lot of self-education to be able to make a true apples to apples comparison between products from different vendors.

If you get to the next step in this process, you have to schedule someone from the store to come measure the square footage of your space. This means you have to set aside time to meet the person at your home and hope they arrive within the 4-hour window (or at all). 

Once the vendor has the measurements, it typically takes 2-4 days to get a quote on the product you selected. If the price doesn’t fall within your budget and you need to choose a less-expensive option, it can take the vendor another few days to rework the quote for you.

On top of the long wait to even get a sense of what your project could cost, most vendors have additional charges they tack onto the original estimate for things like furniture moving or the removal of existing flooring.

The Benefits to Shopping for Flooring Online 

With MyFlooring, you’re in charge. You own your time, your choices, and your budget.

Our Instant Quote Generator uses your rough (or exact) measurements to give you the cost of your project for every type of carpet we offer. Before appointments or protracted conversations with salespeople or days and days of frustration, you know what your project will cost.

Another plus? Our carpet installation quote is all-inclusive. It covers the product, installation, furniture moving, existing flooring removal. . . everything. No hidden or unexpected charges. Ever.

Want to know what your new carpet will look like in your home? Use our Flooring Visualizer tool. 

Found some things you like? We’ll send carpet samples right to your home. 

Want some help deciding, measuring, or just need a second opinion on your patterned vs. unpatterned carpet decision? We have (free) Design Consultants at the ready.

MyFlooring simplifies the shopping process, removing the hassle and frustration so you can focus on the fun stuff – on your schedule.

And if carpet isn’t really your style, you might be interested in MyFlooring’sluxury vinyl plank (LVP). And our Instant Quote Generator can get you a price on that too!

Take a look at how it works:

Instant Quote Generator from on Vimeo.



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