Get "Fancy Schmancy" With Patterned Carpet

July 24, 2020 2 min read

patterned carpet

We know your style is unique to you, and when you shop for carpet, you’re not going to be satisfied until you find a flooring option that reflects your individuality.

We get it, which is why you’re going to love the gorgeous designs of patterned carpeting.

Patterned carpet, sometimes called sculptured carpet, gets its patterned look from the variation in carpet fiber color and the way in which the fibers are cut. By leaving some fibers loops uncut then cutting the remaining fibers, a variety of patterns -- such as lines, intersecting quadrilaterals, or diamonds -- emerges.

Compared to “traditional carpet,” patterned carpets have a lower profile, though they retain the softness and cushion you’ve come to expect from carpeting.

One great advantage of choosing a low pile carpet such as this is that it’s relatively easier to clean than a dense, thick high pile carpet, and the shorter fibers are less prone to trapping environmental allergens. For allergy sufferers who feel like carpeted floors are out of the question, a patterned carpet could be the perfect solution -- you can have soft, cozy flooring without having to worry about it making you sneeze. 

From a design perspective, patterned carpets are subtle enough to work in any space, yet visually interesting enough to express personal style without being anchored to a trendy look that will be dated in a few years. That’s the beauty of a patterned carpet: it offers the comfort you long for, a unique look to suit your design needs, and the ease of care your busy lifestyle requires. 

If you’re ready to explore patterned carpeting options, MyFlooring recently introduced the Fancy Schmancy line, with three carpet designs in 20 colors.

Offering the same quality and durability as our other popular carpets, the Fancy Schmancy line can help you achieve the distinctive look you’ve been dreaming of for your home, with the peace of mind of a price-match guarantee, an unparalleled lifetime warranty, and quality installation. Learn more about our Fancy Schmancy line today!

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