Grey Carpet: Home Decorating Tips to Find Your Perfect Shade

February 03, 2020 2 min read

Grey Carpet: Home Decorating Tips to Find Your Perfect Shade

Grey is a fantastic neutral color, and it’s appearing everywhere in decorating trends. Choosing a grey carpet color is a great place to begin creating a timeless room design as your color and design options are pretty limitless.

That being said, let’s talk about some beautiful trendy yet timeless decor combinations for different types of residential spaces using either dark grey or light grey carpet. 

What Colors Go with Grey Carpeting?

Bedroom Styles with Dark Grey Carpet

Lifeproof Carpet in Zinc Grey

Wall Colors: light grey or cream
Furniture: dark wood
Fabrics: cream, shades of grey, linen
Accents: natural fiber rug, varying types of wood, natural textures, aged metals


Bedroom Styles with Light Grey Carpet

Lifeproof Carpet in Dove Grey

Wall Color(s): Vibrant yellow
Furniture: dark grey
Fabrics: white, grey, shades of yellow
Accents: patterns, geometric shapes, either black or white


Living Room Styles with Dark Grey Carpet

Lifeproof carpet inAsh Grove

Wall Color(s): feature wall in maroon, dark green, or slate blue, remaining walls in white/light grey
Furniture: overstuffed white or light grey
Fabrics: luxe or plush textures in a lighter shade or complementary color to your feature wall
Accents: clean lines, white, gold, glass

Living Room Styles with Light Grey Carpet

Lifeproof carpet in Icicle

Wall Color(s): vivid accent wall or graphic wallpaper on one wall
Furniture: sleek, vintage, wood
Fabrics: play off the accent wall, introduce texture
Accents: pops of color, unique vintage lamps or table décor, textured area rug in a vibrant tone


Office Styles with Dark Grey Carpet

Lifeproof carpet inCloudy Sky 

Wall Color(s): light grey,
Furniture: black or dark brown
Fabrics: sheer curtains in neutral earth tones
Accents: pottery, wood, simple graphic prints


Office Styles with Light Grey Carpet

Lifeproof carpet in Smoke Gray

Wall Color(s): dark grey
Furniture: black and glass
Fabrics: muted yellow or green
Accents: statement chair, vision board, succulents

Get Comfortable with the Many Shades of Grey!  

Your space is as unique as you are, so no matter what shade of gray carpeting you choose, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making it your own.

When it comes to picking out carpet, there are a few things everyone wants: straightforward low pricing, easy ordering and installation, and superior stain-resistance and warranty coverage. At MyFlooring, we want you toGet Comfortable with buying carpet online, so we threw in everything you’re looking for and more.

Check out our curated selection of colors, get instant pricing for carpet + installation, and order samples to feel the difference for yourself. 


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