Carpet Buying Guide: The 2020 Way of How to Buy Carpet

February 21, 2020 2 min read

Carpet Buying Guide: The 2020 Way of How to Buy Carpet

What to Know About Buying New Carpet

There’s plenty to consider when researching how to buy carpet for your home – fiber quality, carpet weight, type of pad, stain-resistance, warranty – but we all know that price is paramount

That’s why you’ll often see carpet sales featuring super-low, per-room prices or buy-one-get-one deals. It’s tempting to believe that you could carpet your entire house for only $99 a room, and advertising would lead you to believe that it’s within reach. 

But you’ve heard about things that seem too good to be true, right?

If you decide to pursue a price quote from a carpet retailer offering bargain-basement pricing, here are a few carpet buying tips to keep in mind…

Things to Consider When Buying Carpet 

Conventional wisdom dictates that you get what you pay for, and bargain basement pricing on carpet is no exception. 

Be sure to look critically at:

  1. Carpet Density (weight)
  2. Pile (height)
  3. Twist Number (a higher number indicates a carpet more likely to maintain its appearance over time) 

Ask about the warranty terms and what type of staining is excluded (especially if you have pets). The odds are good that the only carpet that you’ll find at those rock bottom prices is rock bottom in quality, too.

What’s Not Included in a Carpet Purchase? 

Sadly, this is where the fantasy of the $99 room deal starts to fall apart and the nickel and diming kicks in. Carpet installation charges, furniture moving, and carpet pads turn into add-ons, and the charges stack up fast, and your $99 room is approaching the $1000 mark.

Get Comfortable With a New Way to Buy Carpet! 

At MyFlooring,  our carpet prices include installation, furniture moving,premium quality carpet padding,an unparalleled warranty, price-match guarantee, superior stain-resistance – and no high-pressure salesperson in sight.


You can choose your carpet colors (and order carpet samples)with ourRoom Flooring Visualizer, then order your carpet and schedule installation without leaving the comfort of your home.  




Start shopping nowfor beautiful, new plush carpeting for your home!


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