How to Choose the Best Carpet Color

February 28, 2020 3 min read

How to Choose the Best Carpet Color

So you’ve decided the floors in your home deserve some luxuriously soft new carpeting? Great choice! Now all you have to do is learn aboutmodern carpet colors and trends

If the prospect of deciding on the color of your carpet for the next decade and a half leaves your palms sweaty, take a deep breath. Here’s everything you need to know to choose the perfect color carpet for your home.

Neutral Carpet Colors are Timeless 

We’ve all seen those amazing editorial spreads in home design magazines featuring bold jewel-toned carpeting and pristine modern furniture. But let’s be real: that sapphire green shag carpet you ordered in 2020 probably won’t be doing it for you in 2029. 

When it comes to carpeting, ahigh-quality, stain-resistant carpet in a neutral color promises the most bang for your buck, especially when you consider its impact on your home’s resale value. 

When it comes to adding trendy pops of color to your space, curtains or area rugs are much simpler and more economical ways to allow your inner designer to shine.

Choosing The Neutral Carpet Color that Suits You

Which neutral should you choose? So glad you asked. The bottom line is that most neutrals work well in most spaces, but there are a few factors you should keep in mind when choosing a color.

Obviously you’ll be vacuuming your carpet regularly, but if you have pets, sometimes it’s nice to have carpeting in a forgiving color (i.e. as similar to your pet’s fur color as possible). Got a golden retriever? They go great with beige carpet. Grey cat? You get the idea. 

Carpeting sometimes comes with subtle variations in the carpet fiber colors (a blend of cream and light brown, for example) and tends to be more forgiving in the pet hair department than a solid color.

Many consumers wonder about wall colors, and how they’ll look with their new carpet. Aside from ordering samples and looking at them in your space at different times of day (natural light vs. artificial light), you can follow this rule of thumb: carpets and walls should be from the same color family, but opt for subtle shade contrasts rather than aiming to “match.” Light grey carpeting, darker grey walls. Cream-colored walls and a gentle beige carpet. Oh, and when in doubt, white works with everything.

Avoiding Decision Paralysis

If you’ve ever walked past the carpet department of the local big-box store, you may have noticed the extensive selection of carpet sample boards, featuring dozens (hundreds?) of shades of neutrals. Feel your palms sweating again? Relax! 

At MyFlooring, we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by this decision, which is why we curated our selection to include only themost popular, timeless neutral colors. We thought about how we wanted the carpet-buying experience to be (affordable, simple, worry-free, all-inclusive) and what we looked for in a great carpet (plushness, stain-resistance, classic beauty), and we designed our business accordingly.

On our website, you can shop carpeting, order samples, and use theRoom Flooring Visualizer tool to see exactly what any color looks like in your space. Once you’ve settled on a color, you can place your order and schedule installation (which always includes furniture moving and apremium foam carpet pad) all without leaving your living room. Simple, right? What are you waiting for? You can check outMyFlooring’s current color selection here  

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