How to Remove Holiday Spills and Stains from Carpet

December 17, 2019 3 min read

How to Remove Holiday Spills and Stains from Carpet

Ah, the holidays – relatives are coming to visit, you have parties to host, and there’s decorating to do. The last thing you want to worry about are pesky carpet stains, but let’s face it: spills happen. And that’s why we created this handy guide to removing holiday-specific carpet stains you may encounter over the next few months. All you’ll need are some standard household supplies and a little bit of patience and persistence. You’ve got this!

Hot Chocolate 

Nothing warms you up on a cold winter day like a steaming mug of hot chocolate. On the other hand, nothing casts a gloomy shadow over the holidays like hot chocolate stains on your carpet. But don’t freak out if this classic holiday beverage finds its way onto your beautiful light-colored carpet. Hot chocolate stains are pretty simple to remove.

  1. Using a clean cloth, blot up as much of the hot chocolate as you can, being careful to move from the outside of the stain inward so you don’t spread the stain any further.
  2. Wet a fresh cloth with a dilution of 1 tbsp dish soap to 2 cups warm water and blot the stain some more (again, moving toward the center of the stain). Keep gently working the stain with the soapy solution until it’s gone. 
  3. Rinse the area with cool water and blot with a clean cloth until all the soapy residue is gone.

Tree Sap 

A real live Christmas tree is a beautiful addition to any home, and you just can’t beat that fresh pine scent, but tree sap on the carpets? Not what you planned for, I know. Don’t worry – this one’s not as hard as you may think.

  1. Soak a clean cloth in rubbing alcohol or a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol.
  2. Very gently, use the cloth to blot at any tree sap you can see. If it’s already been pushed below the surface of the carpet fibers, you may need to use your fingers to apply the alcohol to any remaining tree sap.
  3. Allow the alcohol several minutes to dry out the sap, then use your fingers or a comb to scrape the bits of sap from the carpet.

Candle Wax 

We all love the look and smell of scented candles, and during the holidays, we may be lighting candles for a menorah, advent wreath, or kinara. Whatever the reason, there is a possibility that candle wax could end up on our carpet. The good news is that removing candle wax from carpeting is surprisingly simple. You’ll just need some thick paper and a hot iron. 

  1. Place the paper (preferably thick brown paper, but any kind of paper or a thick paper towel could work) on the cooled wax. 
  2. Set the hot iron onto the paper, and gently pull the paper towards you. You’ll see a streak of wax on the paper almost immediately.
  3. Keep repositioning the paper to put a wax-free section of it onto the spilled wax. It may take a while (and quite a bit of paper), but you’ll gradually pull all of the wax from the carpet onto the paper.

Bonus: Removing Carpet Dents

It’s time to prep for that holiday party you’re hosting, but when you push your furniture into more party-friendly locations, you find that they’ve left “dents” in the carpet and no amount of massaging will revive the depressed fibers. No problem!

Take an ice cube, place it on the dented carpet, and allow it to melt. As the fibers absorb the water, they’ll perk right up. Give the carpet a quick swipe with your hand to fluff it up a little more, and you’re all set. 

Life happens, but carpet stains don’t have to. Check out LifeProof carpets from MyFlooring. They have superior stain resistance built into every fiber, so you won’t need to stress over the occasional holiday spill.

Happy holidays!

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