Interior Designs We Love for the Holiday Season

December 06, 2019 2 min read

Interior Designs We Love for the Holiday Season

When it comes to decorating for the winter holidays, the possibilities are endless.

This holiday season, we’re seeing a lot of looks that flawlessly walk the line between traditional and modern, offering hints of classic holiday design elements within a clean, neutral design.

These four looks jumped out at us for their excellent use of texture and color, and we hope they inspire you as you decorate your home this year. Don’t forget to check out our featured designers on Instagram and, while you’re at it, visit us, too

Nita Tandon Interiors

This clean, subtle nod to the holidays is understated and cool. The orangey-brown of the leather throw pillow, when paired with the dark green, is an earthy take on the classic red-green combination.

The soft texture of the basket filled with birch logs evokes a snowy forest scene, and the tiny unadorned pine tree, nestled in wicker, points to just how charming simplicity in design can be.  


Ashleigh McCurdy Designs

This look from Ashleigh McCurdy Designs is so versatile and chic. The neutral color palette with pops of vivid green is both soothing and visually intriguing.

The casual staging of the items in crates and on shelves is very organic, and the black-and-white pattern keeps you guessing, showing up as plaid, gingham, and stripes.

We really love how the design incorporates ribbon in a creative way, not only wrapped around gifts but also unspooled and draped loosely among the décor. Metallic orbs, simple garland, and birch branches round out the look with a variety of textures and colors that’s warm and inviting. 

Birchleaf Interiors
Instagram: @birchleafinteriors


This stunning design from Pynne at Birchleaf Interiors hits all the right notes. The natural elements – frosty pinecones, fresh pine sprigs, rustic wood tabletop – blend beautifully with the white china place settings and sparkly beaded flourishes in the centerpiece. The subtle color palate is tied together with a gently textured sand-colored table runner reminiscent of a strip of birch bark. The pinecone-twine napkin rings are the perfect way to tie modern and rustic together.

House Becomes Home
Instagram: @house.becomes.home

This stunning flocked tree with monochromatic ornaments is only the first thing to catch your eye in this design by Jordan at House Becomes Home Interiors.

The soothing whites continue throughout the space, punctuated by feathery garland and wreaths flanking the stairs and yet another tree peeking out from behind a wall.

We love this space because of its simple color palette and rich textures – whether your holiday décor taste runs solidly classical or more modern, there’s something in this design for you.

When drawing inspiration from interior designs like these, having a space that works like a blank canvas makes it that much easier. This is why we recommend choosing neutral colors for walls and flooring, as it really opens up your design choices, whether you incorporate changing trends or execute timeless seasonal looks.

When you visit our site, you can check out our top trending selection of carpet colors and see how they’ll look in your space with the Flooring Visualizer.

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