Lifeproof Carpet: Features & Benefits that Live Up to its Name

October 18, 2019 2 min read

Lifeproof Carpet Features: Pet Proof, Stain Resistant, Lifetime Warranty

While we live in a culture where we are used to buying products online. Larger-scale products like cars, boats, and even homes can be purchased online. Now, you can shop for carpet flooring and schedule carpet installation too! No need to spend your off time at a local store—you do it all from the comfort of your home.

Finding a durable carpet may seem overwhelming at first. Where do you even start with so many flooring options?  At, we've done the hard part for you. We only sell top-trending colors and styles with all of the features every customer wants. We carry top of the line Lifeproof carpet.

Lifeproof carpet is known for:

  • Superior stain-resistance carpet fibers
  • Carries a lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA from family-safe materials 
  • Perfect for use in high traffic areas 
  • Great for homes with pets and young children

Lifeproof Carpet Warranty

Lifeproof carpet features extra plush fibers designed to prevent wear and tear. The carpet has good texture retention and is less prone to shedding and fuzzing. Best of all, Lifeproof is backed by a lifetime warranty that guarantees your carpet holds up to your family's demands.

Cleaning Lifeproof Carpet is Easy

You don’t need to worry about your carpet fading with Lifeproof. It features built-in stain and fade blockers keeping carpet looking brand-new. It cleans easily with mild soap and water or bleach-based cleansers. To prove we stand by our product, our carpet features a lifetime stain and soil warranty.

Lifeproof Carpet is Cushioned for Extra Comfort

Nothing can match the softness of Lifeproof carpet flooring. All of our carpet features premium padding included with installation. Our carpet padding features spring-like memory foam that enhances comfort underfoot. It also works as a moisture barrier pad and protects the subfloor and enhances cleanup.

Still have questions about the features of Lifeproof carpet? Contact us! If you are ready to add quality comfort to your home, order your carpet with installation online today.  

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