Carpet Cleaning 101: Red Wine Stain Removal

November 22, 2019 3 min read

Carpet Cleaning 101: Red Wine Stain Removal

If you’ve ever gestured wildly in the vicinity of stemware…

If you’ve ever fallen asleep still holding your favorite cabernet…

If you’ve ever gone a tad overboard giving a toast…

If you’ve ever left your glass on a table near a happy dog tail…

Then you’ve probably had to deal with the aftermath of a red wine spill on your carpet. If you do a quick internet search, you’ll find roughly 12 million articles about red wine stain removal telling you how to solve all your carpet stain woes. But you’ll be glad you found this carpet cleaning article because there’s good news about that freshly spilled red wine (or even the dried red wine stain that you just found): you’ve got everything you need to fix it. We promise.

Homemade DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution

Don’t worry about fancy wine removal products, mixing up solutions of dish soap and vinegar, or playing fast and loose with hydrogen peroxide. For an affordable homemade carpet cleaning solution, just grab a towel and some table salt (or any powdery, absorbent material, really -- baby powder, baking soda, kitty litter) and approach that stain like the boss you are. You’ve got this.

How to Remove a Fresh Red Wine Stain from Carpet

Take your towel and blot (don’t rub!) at the stain until you’ve got it mostly dried. 

 Next, sprinkle the absorbent material over the stain and leave it alone for a few minutes. Cover it with a towel, weigh it down with a book -- whatever it takes to keep you from peeking at it for a little while. If you’re feeling cavalier, pour yourself a replacement glass of wine while you wait. 

After you can’t stand the wait any longer, without rubbing at the affected area, take a look at the carpet stain removal progress. If you got it all, congrats -- you can get back to your new glass and enjoy your evening. 

If you still have a visible stubborn red wine stain, follow these simple steps:
  1. Vacuum/gently remove the absorbent material you used.
  2. Rinse the area with a little cold water.
  3. Blot thoroughly.
  4. Sprinkle some more salt (or whatever you’re using), enough to cover the stain

 This time, though, let it sit for longer, up to overnight

How to Remove Old Red Wine Stains from Carpet

It’s ok to re-moisten the wine stain with a small amount of cold water. Then just refer back to the above steps. This should take care of your clumsiness/drowsiness/excitedness/happy puppy problem, but if not, at least you have 11,999,999 other carpet cleaning articles you can refer to.

Carpet Fibers and Fading

A brief note on carpet fibers and fading: your ability to effectively remove stains is directly related to the quality of your carpet. Many brands of carpet only have color on the outside of the fiber. Over time and with multiple wine spills and subsequent stain removal sessions, the exterior color of the carpet may begin to fade or discolor.

When shopping for carpet, look for carpet with color throughout the fiber, such as LifeProof® carpet. This way, no matter how many times you trip over the dog and slosh your red wine on the floor, you’ll feel confident in your carpet cleaning knowing that removing the stain won’t remove your carpet color as well.

LifeProof Carpet Stain Resistent from myFlooring on Vimeo.

One more thing…

Spills are part of life. Shouldn’t your carpet be ready to handle them? Take the panic out of moments like this with LifeProof carpet powered by 100% lifeproof.0% worries


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