Seven Simple Ways to Fight Quarantine Boredom and Learn to Love Your Space

April 24, 2020 3 min read

7 Ways to Fight Quarantine Boredom and Love Your Space

In these crazy times, we can all agree that staying home is the smart thing to do, so while we’re spending extra time inside, why not use this opportunity to create living spaces that really work for us?

Here are seven steps you can take to fight off the quarantine doldrums AND get more comfortable at home.

  1. Organize - whether you’re a Marie Kondo fan or not, most of us have at least one area of our home that just doesn’t spark any joy. Well, now that we’re housebound and ready to climb the walls, maybe it’s time to turn our attention to those problem areas. If tackling your clutter feels overwhelming, start small: pick one drawer, one shelf, or one corner and tackle things in a methodical, manageable way.
  2. Experiment - The more time you spend at home, the more time you have to look around and grow bored with the same old view. A simple, inexpensive way to switch things up is to rearrange your belongings. This could mean relocating your furniture, trading rugs between rooms, swapping out your knick-knacks, or even just playing around with the placement of the books on your bookshelf. No trip to the store necessary, and you can drastically change the look and feel of your space. 
  3. Repurpose- Speaking ofnotgoing to the store, while you’re busy organizing and moving things around, think about decorative or functional items that could potentially serve a new purpose. Maybe that coat rack would be awesome in your master closet for holding all your scarves or purses. Perhaps that basket would go great by the back door to stash outdoor essentials like bug spray and sunscreen. When you look at your items as multi-functional, the possibilities are endless.  
  4. Dream - Once you’ve made some progress on the first three steps, sit back and survey your space. Is it exactly the way you want it? How would you change it if you could? What kind of environment do you want your space to be? What’s its vibe? Write down or draw some of the ideas or words you came up with, and use them as you take your next steps.  
  5. Research - Take to the internet (or flip through home design magazines if you happen to have some lying around) to look for ideas. Print/pin/cut out/save pictures of things that make you happy. If you’re feeling crafty, a vision board can really help bring together a bunch of random ideas into a cohesive plan for what you want your space to look and feel like. Consider wall color, textiles, flooring, furniture, art, plants, and accents. 
  6. Plan - Now that you’re all fired up with inspiration, it’s time to make a plan. A few things you’ll want to consider are your budget and the feasibility of accomplishing certain things while still observing state and federal guidelines on social distancing. Prioritize which projects you’d like to complete first, then consider what’s doable right now, budget-wise and quarantine-wise. 
  7. Shop - Besides the obvious step of filling up your virtual shopping cart or online wish list with the items for your new dream space, you can also get started on larger projects. If new flooring or updating your wall colors is on your list, this is a great time to order samples. At MyFlooring, we were social distancing before it was cool: ordering samples, getting a flooring price quote, and scheduling installation have always been done completely online. Go ahead, start shopping now!

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