Top Five Beginner Mistakes When Buying Flooring

June 19, 2020 3 min read

top five beginner mistakes when buying flooring

Here at MyFlooring, we understand how difficult it can be when shopping for flooring. Since it's a purchase that most consumers only make a handful of times, we wanted to outline the most common mistakes to avoid during the shopping process. As usual, we want you to Get Comfortable with your next flooring purchase.  

Comparing Apples to Oranges

An educated consumer is an empowered and confident consumer. It’s up to you to learn as much as you can about different flooring options, materials, manufacturing practices, and installation procedures. It’s not the glamorous part of shopping, but if you skip this step, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by flashy marketing and a sea of flooring samples. And that’s not the place you want to be when you’re trying to make a significant purchase. You should probably have a solid grasp on what you’re looking to buy before you ever start the actual shopping process. Knowledge is power, and you’ll feel good knowing that you’ve used your power to make the best decision for you and your home. 

Believing the Cheapest is Best

We’ve all seen ads touting amazingly low “by the room” flooring prices, and they seem to be too good to be true. Spoiler alert: they are! The charges start to stack up quickly when you add on services and features that should be standard in any flooring purchase. Rather than looking for the best deal out there, figure out the price range for the type of flooring product you want to buy, then use that range as a way to gauge whether you’re looking at a reasonable price or a bait-and-switch. Most reputable retailers offer several tiers of products along a good-better-best spectrum. If you trust the business to stand behind its products, then even its cheapest flooring option should be a safe bet. 

Don't chase the trend when it comes to flooring

Chasing the Trend

Flooring is a purchase you should only make every 10 to 20 years. Flooring trends, however...they change quite a bit more frequently. When considering the best flooring option for your home, consider how trendy flooring will work with your decor in 8 years. Or how a prospective buyer may view it if you eventually decided to sell your home. Decorative trends are wonderful, but unless you’re willing to invest in new flooring every few years, you’re better off sticking to paint colors and textiles rather than flooring.

Not Shopping Around

Many consumers have brand loyalty, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, especially when it’s well-deserved. That said, most of us aren’t buying flooring with much regularity, and your favorite big-box store may be a great resource for many things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best place to buy flooring. Definitely check them out and get a price quote, but don’t hesitate to look around at other retailers (small independent retailers and online flooring retailers are other great options). Hang onto any price quotes you get, as some companies will offer a flooring price match on comparable products. 

Don't rush the floor buying process, take your time!

Rushing the Process

Slow down, shopper! If you’ve read this far, then you know that you’ve got researching and price shopping to do before you schedule anyone to come to install your flooring. You don’t have to rush a big purchase like this, and you may find through your research process that you’ll need to do a little bit of budgeting and saving in order to afford a high-quality floor rather than settling for something you’re not thrilled about. While financing is often an option, keep in mind that you’ll be looking at these floors every single day for a long time, so giving yourself an ample opportunity to find something you’ll love is going to be critical. 

At MyFlooring, we’re passionate about helping consumers get educated about flooring so they can make a confident decision when the time comes. Check us out when you’re ready -- we’ve got a curated selection of carpeting and luxury vinyl plank flooring, all-inclusive instant pricing, and a no-nonsense flooring warranty, all without leaving your couch. 

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