4 Types of Carpet & Flooring Stores

May 14, 2020 3 min read

Four Types of Flooring Stores

Even if you’ve made up your mind to buy carpet for your home, you may feel a little uncertain about where you should go to purchase the flooring. At MyFlooring, we believe that an educated consumer is an empowered consumer, so we put together this overview of flooring retail options in your area to help you make the best decision.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Flooring? 

Option #1: The Big-Box Store

This may have been the first one that occurred to you, and for good reason. Most consumers live pretty close to a large retailer that has a vast flooring section. It’s accessible, convenient, and there are tons of colors, brands, and flooring styles to choose from. But more isn’t necessarily better, and you may find yourself facing decision paralysis. A few other things to keep in mind if you do go the big-box route: you’ll still need to schedule a time for a representative to come to your home to take measurements, then after receiving a quote, you’ll likely need to contact an installer and coordinate a price and installation date. 

Where is the best place to buy flooring near me

Option #2: The Mom-and-Pop Flooring Store

Also known as an independent flooring retailer, this option is great for consumers who enjoy a personalized customer-focused experience. The product selection will be smaller than at a big-box store, but you won’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed by options. Simply make an appointment or drop in to learn about what types of flooring they have available. Just like with the big box store, you’ll need to get measurements taken before you can get a quote, but installation may be coordinated directly by the retailer and included in the price (you’ll want to ask how installation works, as it varies widely). 

mom and pop flooring shop - where is the best place to buy flooring

Option #3: The In-Home Flooring Sale

Rather than leaving home to check out samples, many consumers opt to have a sales representative visit their home with samples and a measuring tape. The upside is that they can get instant pricing, though the sample options and flooring styles may be limited. Retailers who specialize in in-home sales calls generally work with installers so that consumers don’t have to worry about that added step. With marketing based on low price-per-room promotions, this option can be tempting, though prices tend to rise sharply once all the installation charges are included. 

Option #4: Buy Flooring Online

We’re not even going to pretend that this one’s not our favorite -- we looked at the traditional models and best places to buy flooring, and we didn’t love what we saw, so we created MyFlooring to fill a need in the flooring industry. 

Our carpet collections come in a variety of plushness and are available in the top trending colorsPremium carpet padding and installation are always included in the price! 

Ourluxury vinyl plank collections offer the beauty of wood but bring amazing durability.  Our process is by far the easiest and best way to purchase flooring!

Our customers simply provide us with some basic measurements, and we instantly send them a flooring price quote that includes the flooring, furniture moving, expert installation, and a no-holds-barred warranty

We’ll send you free samples of your favorite flooring style and colors, and we’re happy to talk to you about any questions or concerns you may have. By eliminating the costs built into sales commissions and brick-and-mortar operations, we’re able to offer competitive pricing and a price-match guarantee on comparable products and services. 

Flooring Price Match Guarantee Lifetime flooring warranty Worry Free Measures Flooring Guarantee

Knowledge is power, and we hope that this has helped point you toward the retail option that best fits your needs. If you’re ready to Get Comfortable with the new online way of buying flooring check out MyFlooring.com to learn more!

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