Questions to Ask Potential Carpet Stores

September 01, 2020 4 min read

Before you buy carpet, ask these questions

When you’re on the hunt for the best carpet to purchase, you’ll definitely want to do your research. There are4 types of carpet vendors who can help you find the perfect flooring for your home or business: online flooring retailers, big box stores, in-home providers, and independent “mom and pop” flooring stores. First, familiarize yourself withcommon carpet terminology. When you’re ready to get the best comparison on a potential flooring purchase, you’ll want to ask each retailer the same set of questions. 

What are your goals?

When choosing a retailer, consider first what matters to you.  Do you want a temporary fix to get your home ready to sell? Or do you want to invest in quality materials that will last 20 years? Are you okay with taking extra time from your busy schedule to spend a few days inside a store then have multiple appointments, or do you want expediency when you buy? The value you’re getting from the product and the value of your own time are important factors to think about.

How much is this going to cost, and are there financing options?

Be wary of any retailer that can’t offer a fixed price before you settle on an installation date. No one wants to be sidelined by additional expenses on installation day, and you shouldn’t have to be. Expect to know the full cost of materials and installation well in advance so you can do a fair comparison of competing offers. You also want to make sure you’re comparing similar products across retailers - the weight of the carpet pad, the face weight of the carpet, the wear layer of the LVP, etc.  Because flooring is a significant expense for most homeowners, you may also want to look into the availability of in-house financing.

What’s included in the price? 

When your installers arrive, are you going to find out that moving your furniture was your responsibility (but they’d be happy to take care of it for an extra $100)? Are stairs priced differently? Removal of old flooring? There are many ways that carpeting installation costs can spiral well beyond the low price quote you initially received. Before you decide who to buy from, ask what’s included and what’s not -- you’ll be glad you did! 

When can you install it?

Your life is busy enough without the disruption of home renovation, so it’s important to find an installation timeline that works for you. Don’t necessarily give priority to whomever can come the fastest, as speed of installation may be factored into the cost of the flooring or the installation. Consider an installation timeline that allows you time to change your mind, make adjustments to measurements, add or remove a room, or switch your color.

Will your installers be licensed, badged, and CDC-compliant?

Hiring licensed contractors is a no-brainer, but you should never assume that your flooring installation crew is going to be licensed. You’ll want to verify that before you allow anyone to do work in your home. Also, verifying that the installers will wear badges clearly indicating their names and company affiliation serves as an added measure of security and peace of mind. In light of CDC recommendations on staying safe during the pandemic, you’ll definitely want to ask about a company’s position on safety guidelines, such as mask-wearing, hand-washing, and social distancing.  Steer clear of any flooring retailer that can’t guarantee that their contractors are licensed, badged, and masked.

How long is the warranty and does it cover installation?

Not all warranties are alike, and it’s important to read them carefully. Most carpet warranties don’t cover use in a rental unit, require periodic professional cleaning (keep your receipts!), and aren’t transferable beyond the original purchaser. That said, focus on finding a high quality product, which is your best bet for longevity and durability when it comes to choosing flooring. 

If your warranty does not cover installation, you may be at a big disadvantage. Your product warranty will most likely be voided if it’s not installed correctly, so if an issue arises down the road because of an installation issue, you will need a warranty on the installation to resolve it properly.

What kind of carpet pad is used, and will you recycle my old carpet pad?

A lot of carpet vendors use a recycled pad instead of apremium quality pad. It’s important that consumers know what kind of pad will be used with their carpet, as the quality of the pad will determine how long it will last and the degree of cushion you’ll feel beneath your carpet. It’s equally important that recyclable materials be taken to an approved recycling center in order to minimize environmental impact. 

What happens if I’m not happy?

This is a question you should ask a company representative directly, but do your own homework as well: read customer reviews and carefully examine company policies on customer satisfaction. One of the most common problems that consumers have with their carpet installation is improper seam placement. It’s worthwhile to ask what a flooring company will do if you’re unhappy with the quality of the installation or if you decide the carpet samples you ordered aren’t the right color for your home. Pick a retailer with a clear plan in place to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Choosing new flooring for your home isn’t something you do often, so it’s important that you feel confident about your decision when the time comes. By knowing what questions to ask a flooring retailer, you’ll be in a position to make a great choice on a fantastic carpet for your home. If you’re looking for a simple, socially-distanced way to purchase high-quality carpet at a great price, make sure you check out for a new way to buy flooring!


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