Why Should I Buy Carpet Online Instead of In-Person?

January 13, 2021 4 min read

why buy carpet online

Masking up for hours of shopping, hunting for an available sales associate, flipping through endless carpet sample display boards, and wondering whether you’re getting the best deal. It’s all a foregone conclusion when you’re shopping for new carpets...isn’t it? Well, if you’re like many Americans, you’ve found that there’s not much you can’t do online, and purchasing new flooring is no exception. Let’s consider the benefits of shopping for and buying new carpet online.


These days, whenever you have the option to transition a former in-person activity to a virtual format, you’re doing your part to keep vulnerable populations safe. Online shopping is an increasingly popular option for all sorts of purchases that used to be made exclusively in person, including buying carpet. It's kinda yucky rubbing our hands through stale carpet samples that have most likely been touched by many people (remember, samples are often taken home by other customers then returned back to the store!). It leaves you wondering, what type of cleaning process does the store use?

One question we often get regarding online carpet sales is about measurements. The traditional carpet sales model involves having a salesperson visit your home to take measurements and tell you about pricing and financing options. But is this step really necessary? Measuring your rooms isn’t complicated at all, and an online flooring retailer can give you a price quote based on simple measurements you take yourself.

And as for sales pitches, who needs that? Carpet store visits are usually accompanied with a high-pressured commission-based sales person. Like at an auto dealership, sometimes you just want to shop without being pressured into something. Customers just want a straightforward price that includes installation, and that’s precisely what shopping online offers you.


It might go without saying, but buying online will take a fraction of the time and effort that a traditional store-based purchase requires. No driving around town, no wandering the aisles of a big-box store in search of someone who works in the carpeting department. It's also best to shop for flooring while inside the space that the flooring is going into - that means shopping for flooring online while in your home. The lighting in carpet stores is nothing like the lighting inside your home - and lighting is the biggest factor in how a color will look. Even if you can bring the carpet sample home, it's rarely big enough to be 100% certain the color is right.

You may wonder how you’ll know what carpet you want if you can’t browse through hundreds of samples at a local carpet store. Well, the truth is that most people have a general idea of what color they want for their space, so deciding from among dozens of shades of cream can actually make your decision harder! Although when you walk into a carpet store it feels like there's a broad assortment to select from, you'll quickly find that it's a lot of the "same thing" with slight variations of colors, made-up brands, and silly gimmicky stories. Buying online allows you to zero in on the color you want, then you can order a few samples if you need help casting the tie-breaking vote on your final choice. By choosing to buy online, you can order your carpet and schedule installation in a matter of minutes without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.


As you’ve probably found through much of your other online purchases, the pricing is almost always lower than at a local store. Without the expense of a brick-and-mortar location staffed with employees, online retailers can often operate with much lower overhead, and they’re able to pass those savings along to customers. Even more importantly, what you're actually getting for your money is far more transparent online. Carpets are no exception. Local carpet stores are notorious for not listing the oz weight of their carpets on their samples. Weight is one of the most important pieces of information, and they expect you to arbitrarily know this by feeling it with your hand? -- yet another reason to choose online when purchasing new carpet for your home!

At MyFlooring, we were social distancing before it was cool, and we’d love for you to see how simple it is to buy your flooring online. When you shop with us, you're doing your part to “shop local” because the licensed flooring installation professionals we work with are all local contractors who will arrive at your home with badges and masks, ready to follow all recommended CDC safety guidelines. Our customer service representatives are poised and ready to answer any questions you may have via the chat tool on our website, but you can always give us a call if you prefer to talk. We encourage our customers to get comfortable with a new way to buy flooring -- check out our carpet selection now.

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