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Growing up, we were taken care of, but money was tight. I distinctly recall my mom getting excited about replacing her old carpet after saving for a while. She told everyone about it, it was a big deal. Three things stuck with me from her carpet buying experience. First, she was fed a lot of confusing information and promises. Second, what she could afford didn’t seem to buy very much - carpet seemed way more expense than it should be. Third, after the new carpet was installed, she was cleaning the bathroom and set the mop bucket down on it.  The carpet permanently discolored. When she called the store and then manufacturer (who is still in business to this day) they told her “sorry, you should have read that exclusion in our warranty book.”  Seriously?  

-MyFlooring’s CEO

When starting MyFlooring, this is the type of experience that we wanted to totally change. We love how carpet enhances a home, but but buying carpet can be an overwhelming, confusing, uncomfortable process. There are thousands of options for styles and features. There are scams and pushy salespeople. There’s nervousness on making an investment that you’ll be living with for many years to come.  We looked everywhere for a way to buy carpets that was affordable, straightforward, and convenient. When we couldn’t find it, we created it, backed by a team with over 100 years of collective experience in the flooring industry, who have completed over 100,000 flooring and remodeling projects each year. 


Get Comfortable with simple, straightforward pricing with no surprises or last-minute upcharges. 

⇒ You will know your total cost without any hidden fees or add-ons.

⇒ We partner with installation contractors to give you one low price for carpet plus installation. 

⇒ Our Worry-Free Measures guarantee means that even if you make a mistake when measuring, we’ll cover it.

⇒ Price-matching available on any identical product. We want you to get the best price possible.


Get Comfortable with high-quality carpet designed to stand up to real life (kids, pets, spills, heavy traffic).

⇒ Everyone wants stain-resistant carpet, so we only sell LifeProof carpets.

⇒ Everyone wants carpets designed to last, so we offer a limited lifetime warranty that covers fading, staining, soiling, loss of plushness, and installation and manufacturer defects.


Get Comfortable with a select, curated offering of popular colors.

⇒ Selection paralysis is real — you don’t need to decide between 100 shades of beige.

⇒ We researched trending colors, and narrowed down the field for you.

⇒ Our Flooring Visualizer tool lets you preview how each color looks in your home.

⇒ We’ll ship you as many carpet samples as you want - only $2 per sample.


Get Comfortable with a process that’s just as simple as all your other online purchasing.

⇒ No need to leave your home and wander around a big-box store.

⇒ No high-pressure pitch from an in-home salesperson.

⇒ Step-by-step guides to help you take measurements, the Flooring Visualizer to simplify the color selection process, and a Worry-Free Measures guarantee to cover any measuring mistakes.

Choosing and purchasing flooring online shouldn’t be uncomfortable. With MyFlooring, you can relax and enjoy the process: competitive pricing (with no surprises), superior quality and selection, and the convenience of doing it all from home. Get comfortable.