You’ve got this. And if you don’t, we’ve got your back.

Watch our video on how to measure for some tips, or read on below for more details.

To get an instant quote and to place your order, we’re going to need some measurements. Don’t worry, we’re in this together. And if your measurements are a little off, we’ll make the necessary adjustments at no extra charge to you, up to 25 square feet.

Measure twice, order once.

Think of your space as squares and rectangles. Don’t worry, a rough sketch is a-okay.

Measure and write in the dimensions in feet and inches; length followed by width.

What about oddly shaped rooms and hallways?

When measuring a bay window or some area that isn’t a traditional square or rectangle, just make it into one! Take the longest length of that area, along with the width, and voila! Those are your dimensions.



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No measuring tape? No problem!

In a pinch, you can use a shoe: A woman’s size 9 shoe is about 9” long. There are 12” in a foot. If you wear a woman’s size 9 shoe, take steps with a little room between each (not quite heel to toe). If you wear a smaller size, add a little more room between each step.


For a more accurate measurement, measure the length of your shoe, and then leave space between your steps as you walk to equal 12”.

All set? Let’s get some flooring!

Need more help? We’ve got you.

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