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Our carpet comes in 30 top-trending colors and four face weights, ranging from 25 oz
(standard carpet weight) all the way up to 60 oz (ridiculously thick and plush).

Select the plush-level below to view colors and order samples. Easy.

25 oz

The perfect carpet for flippers and quick refreshes for selling.

$3.75 per square foot

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40 oz

40 oz carpet. Almost twice as plush as the average carpet, it's an excellent value. Your feet will thank you.

$4.75 per square foot

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50 oz

50 oz carpet. Will impress anyone who sinks their toes into it, even your mother-in-law.

$5.25 per square foot

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60 oz

60 oz carpet. Extremely plush, at the top end of the spectrum for luxurious carpeting. You have arrived.

$5.75 per square foot

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Highlights of our Carpet

Myflooring Hightlight

Made with solution-dyed fiber so carpet never fades or shows wear.

Myflooring Hightlight

Comes with Premium carpet pad made from new foam with a strong moisture barrier to protect your carpet and floor.

Myflooring Hightlight

Designed for maximum durability and softness

Myflooring Hightlight

Available in four face weights - from standard carpet weight to ridiculously plush.

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